Mark Kozelek- Live in Copenhagen

Mark Kozelek- Live in Copenhagen

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Label: Luna Music

Released 2012

Originally given away as a free, limited-edition, unmastered CD, with pre-orderson the Caldo Verde website in 2012, this is amongst the most popular/in-demand of the live KOZELEK oeuvre. Balancing between RED HOUSE PAINTERS songs, covers, and 'Admiral Fell Promises'-era SUN KIL MOON 'Live In Copenhagen' hits the sweet spot, for all eras of KOZLEK. House in a heavyweight, single-pocket/double-wide jacket, this one-time only pressing (with first-time mastering and lacquer cutting by the legendary John Golden) is the best the audio has been presented, to date.

Track Listing:

  1. Third and Seneca
  2. Australian Winter
  3. Follow You, Follow Me
  4. Mistress
  5. Church of the Pines
  6. You Ain't Got A Hold of Me
  7. Void
  8. You Are My Sun
  9. Randolph's Tango
  10. Jesus Christ Was An Only Child
  11. Brockwell Park
  12. Get Along Home Cindy
  13. Rock 'N' Roll SInger
  14. Natural Light
  15. Ålesund