HorrorPops- Live At The Wiltern

HorrorPops- Live At The Wiltern

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Label: Cleopatra

Released 6/18/2021

Established in 1996 in Copenhagen Denmark, HorrorPops sound is still a delicious blend of 80's new wave, punk, rockabilly, surf, and ska. With 3 acclaimed albums and heavy worldwide touring tucked comfortably in their back pockets, frontwoman Patricia Day, guitarist Kim Nekroman and drummer Henrik Niedermeier are back on stage proving that the demand for a Horrorpops return is higher than ever. Horrorpops "Live At The Wiltern" is their 9-year long-awaited return to the stage and is represented by this stunning 68-minute concert film, filmed in 4K and containing all of their best-loved tracks including "Walk Like A Zombie", "Miss Take" and "Psychobitches Outta Hell".

Track listing:

  1. Intro
  2. Julia
  3. Thelma & Louise
  4. Kool Flattop
  5. It’s Been So Long
  6. Hit N’ Run
  7. Dotted With Hearts
  8. Baby Lou Tattoo
  9. Freaks In Uniforms
  10. S.O.B.
  11. Undefeated
  12. MissFit
  13. Everything’s Everything
  14. Psychobitches Outta Hell
  15. Girl In A Cage
  16. Ghouls
  17. Walk Like A Zombie
  18. Miss Take
  19. Where They Wander