Black Flag- My War

Black Flag- My War

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Label: SST

Reissued, Originally released 1983

With My War, the true Henry Rollins era of Black Flag begins. He was brought in to sing Greg Ginn’s songs for Damaged and with My War became a fully integrated member of the band, nudging the band towards slower tempos that emphasized their atonal freakouts. This slide towards MC5, free-jazz bust-outs put them at odds with punk rock’s insistence on short, fast rules. But it made the group a distinctive entity at a time when most hardcore punk bands were passing in a blur. 

Track listing:

  1. My War 
  2. Can't Decide 
  3. Beat My Head Against The Wall 
  4. I Love You 
  5. Forever Time 
  6. The Swinging Man 
  7. Nothing Left Inside 
  8. Three Nights 
  9. Scream