Fearing- Desolate

Fearing- Desolate

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Label: Profound Lore

Released 3/3/2023

Finally available on vinyl format, the California post-punk wonder Fearing’s Desolate EP! Originally self-released by the band digitally last spring, it was only previously available physically as a limited tour-only cassette on their tour with Gatecreeper / Narrowhead / 200 Stab Wounds. Desolate follows the band’s acclaimed Shadow LP from 2020 and since then, they have become the most recognized and promising new prospect within the modern-day post-punk movement. The vinyl edition of Desolate also marks Fearing’s debut release on their new label Profound Lore Records, which will be releasing their new full-length album in the fall of 2023.

Track listing:

  1. A Single Stem
  2. Carried Away
  3. However Long
  4. When Nights End