MS Paint- Post-American

MS Paint- Post-American

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Label: Convulse

Released 2/2/2024

The debut LP from Hattiesburg's MSPAINT, Post-American. While it may be tempting to pin MSPAINT down stylistically, with labels like "synth-punk," these attempts fail to capture a band that transcends the sum of its parts and the hardcore and punk communities it occupies. Most of the records we release critique the world as it is. MSPAINT go a step further. This record is a triumph because it presents us a future of connection and light and allows us all to imagine living Post-American.  (Convulse Records #64)

Track listing:

  1. Information 
  2. Think It Through
  3. Acid
  4. Hardwired
  5. Delete It
  6. S3
  7. Decapitated Reality
  8. Post-America
  9. Free From The Sun
  10. Titan Of Hope
  11. Flowers From Concrete