Ruth Rich- I Survived It's Over

Ruth Rich- I Survived It's Over

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Label: Third Man

Released 8/12/2022

2022 release from Nashville-based ambient composer Rich Ruth. Mixed by renowned Chicago producer/engineer John McEntire (Tortoise, The Sea and Cake, Stereolab), I Survived, It's Over features "Taken Back," in which sitar, shells, and bass are slowly joined by piercing lead guitar, synth blasts and drums as the track bursts open into psychedelic orbit. "I Survived, It's Over is a meditation on healing, confronting trauma, surrendering, and finding peace," Rich Ruth frontman Michael Ruth says. "I constantly experiment with sound until it reflects the way I am feeling and attempt to sculpt something meaningful from it."

Track listing:

  1. Taken Back
  2. Older But Not Less Confused
  3. Desensitization and Reprocessing
  4. Heavy and Earthbound
  5. Thou Mayest
  6. Angel Slide
  7. Doxology