The Chameleons UK- Strange Times (Remastered)
The Chameleons UK- Strange Times (Remastered)
The Chameleons UK- Strange Times (Remastered)

The Chameleons UK- Strange Times (Remastered)

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Label: Big Apple

Reissued 5/10/2024, Originally released 1986

UK Import

Remastered edition of The Chameleons classic studio album ‘Strange Times’, released with the full co-operation of the band. Available on 3-disc heavyweight colored vinyl in a triple gatefold sleeve or a 2CD edition, both featuring new artwork by guitarist Reg Smithies. The album has been re-mastered by Guy Massey (who undertook the Script of the Bridge restoration) and cut at Abbey Road by Frank Arkwright. Featuring classic tracks such as ‘Swamp Thing’, Soul in Isolation’, ‘Caution’ and ‘Tears’ – this was one of the most influential albums ever to come out of Manchester, with Noel Gallagher once posting on his Instagram “..I'd forgotten how much this album meant to me. It came out in '86. I was 19!! I've been listening to it every day since and I have to say it's blown my mind...again!” Previous vinyl versions of Strange Times were compromised by the running time of the LP (at least ten minutes longer than any pressing plant recommends). So the band and production team took the decision to split the main album across 4 sides playing at 45rpm with the bonus tracks on a separate disc.

Track listing:

  1. Mad Jack
  2. Caution
  3. Tears (Original Arrangement)
  4. Soul in Isolation
  5. Swamp Thing
  6. Time
  7. The End of Time
  8. Seriocity
  9. In Answer
  10. Childhood
  11. I'll Remember
  12. Tears (Full Arrangement)
  13. Paradiso
  14. Inside Out
  15. Ever After
  16. John, I'm Only Dancing