Traitrs- Horses In The Abattoir

Traitrs- Horses In The Abattoir

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Label: Freakwave

Released 2021

"A stunning offering… impeccable mélange of alternative dark pop and catchy goth-laced retro-futuristic soundscapes… among the fastest rising independent artists on the dark music scene” ~ The Spill Magazine“Channeling pent-up frustration and manic creative energy… a real highlight for post-punk fans” ~ Sonic Seducer“A classic post-punk bassline into guitars that burn like a midnight frost, or the ember of a clove cigarette… surprising cinematic influences” ~“The perfect modern marriage between post-punk and coldwave…. speaks volumes to the aesthetic tastes of contemporary goth culture” ~ Release Music Magazine“Impeccable from start to finish… dark and introspective” ~ CanadianBeats

Track listing:

  1. Sea Howl 
  2. Mouth Poisons 
  3. Prostitution 
  4. Magdalene 
  5. Oh, Ballerina 
  6. Tv Hours 
  7. All Living Hearts Betrayed 
  8. From This Old Mirror 
  9. Ghost And The Storm 
  10. Last Winter 
  11. The Way Through A Bird’s Love