Yaphet Kotto- We Bury Our Dead Alive

Yaphet Kotto- We Bury Our Dead Alive

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Label: Ebullition

Released 2004

VINYL FORMAT. For seven years YAPHET KOTTO has been unleashing a torrent of melodic power fashioned from a dual guitar attack, hammering drumming, and a passionate duel vocal approach. "We Bury Our Dead Alive" is YAPHET KOTTO's third full-length LP, and these ten songs are once again inspired, emotionally charged, melodic, and hard hitting. Unlike many bands, time has not mellowed YAPHET KOTTO. Their new material is tighter, heavier, and harder than ever before. Excellent

Track Listing:

  1. Untitled 3:03
  2. We Bury Our Dead Alive 5:23
  3. The Heavy Burden 2:40
  4. Past On The Stairs 3:48
  5. Chime The Day 3:04
  6. Paths 4:14
  7. The Constant Ringing 3:11
  8. The Lurker 6:20
  9. Chime The Night 5:22
  10. Untitled 1:00