OST [Goblin]- Notturno

OST [Goblin]- Notturno

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Label: AMS

Reissued 2017, Originally released 1983

Goblin’s name is very popular since the year of “Profondo Rosso” (1975), but even those who know them in depth “Notturno” remains an almost completely unknown chapter within their vast discography. The production the music was composed for was edited in two versions, a theatrical one released in 1983 and a television one in seven episodes that was broadcasted only three years later. Led at the time by Fabio Pignatelli (bass), Maurizio Guarini (keyboards) and Antonio Marangolo (saxophone), with the precious contribution of Derek Wilson (drums) and Marco Rinalduzzi (guitar) – from the line-up that had just recorded “Volo” – Goblin composed the music for “Notturno” already at the end of 1981, upon request by the RAI TV producers. The recorded material was then selected by Cinevox, that only in ‘83 published the film’s soundtrack on LP: given the poor success of the film, also the soundtrack album went virtually unnoticed.

Track listing:

  1. Nocturne
  2. Bass Theme
  3. Landing Strip
  4. Helycopter
  5. Nocturne (Take 6)
  6. Nocturne (Take 7)
  7. Helycopter (Reprise)
  8. Est
  9. Landing Strip (Reprise)
  10. Nocturne (Take 1)