OST [Susan Justin]- Forbidden World

OST [Susan Justin]- Forbidden World

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Label: Death Waltz

Released 2014

The musical score, by Susan Justin, provides the film with its most interesting edge—flowing from classical grace to deadly tension.” The Hollywood Reporter"

Death Waltz Recording Company are proud to be unleashing one of the great unheralded electronic scores of the sci-fi horror genre. Unavailable since the film's release in 1982, Susan Justin’s music for FORBIDDEN WORLD – produced by the legendary Roger Corman – mixes the electronic influences of the time with splashes of new wave, creating a score that fuses the eerie tonalities and avant-garde sensibility of ALIEN with the straight-up funk sound of ASSAULT ON PRECINCT 13. Birthed from this synthesis is a true cult classic score that deserves to be held up alongside the works of Richard Band and Alan Howarth.

Track listing:

  1. Theme From Forbidden World
  2. Titles
  3. Birth And Death
  4. Mourning
  5. Alone
  6. Steam Room
  7. Mutation
  8. Xarbia
  9. The Hole
  10. The Doctor Returns
  11. Laser Shower 
  12. Communication
  13. The End
  14. End Title Theme From 'Forbidden World'