Paul Cauthen- Room 41

Paul Cauthen- Room 41

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Label: Lightning Rod Records

Released 9/6/19

Cauthen first earned his reputation as a fire-breathing truth teller with the acclaimed roots rock band Sons of Fathers, but it wasn't until the 2016 release of his solo debut, My Gospel, that he truly tapped into the full depth of his prodigious talents. Rolling Stone called the album a "triple-barreled blast of Texas country, soul and holy-roller rockabilly delivered by a big-voiced crooner," while Vice Noisey dubbed it a "somber reminder of how lucky we are to be alive," and Texas Monthly raved that "Cauthen sound[s] like the Highwaymen all rolled into one: he's got Willie's phrasing, Johnny's haggard quiver, Kristofferson's knack for storytelling, and Waylon's baritone." The album landed on a slew of Best Of lists at the year's end and earned Cauthen dates with Elle King, Margo Price, Billy Joe Shaver, and Cody Jinks, along with festival appearances from Austin City Limits and Pickathon to Stagecoach and Tumbleweed. He followed it up two years later with Have Mercy, an EP that prompted Rolling Stone to dub him "one of the most fascinating, and eccentric, new voices in country music" and NPR's Ann Powers to proclaim it the year of Paul Cauthen.

Track Listing:

1. Holy Ghost Fire
2. Prayed For Rain
3. Cocaine Country Dancing
4. Slow Down
5. Big Velvet
6. Can't Be Alone
7. Freak
8. Angel
9. Give 'em Peace
10. Lay Me Down