Backyard Tire Fire- Bar Room Semantics

Backyard Tire Fire- Bar Room Semantics

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Label: Oie

Released 2005

Stories of hard work and hard luck, long nights, dirty deeds, family, youth, and good ole boys are crafted in a timeless manner as band leader Ed Anderson (vocals, guitar, keys, harmonica) comes into his own as an American songwriter. Having already built a loyal American and European fan-base through moving songs, local radio, relentless touring, and heated, balls-out rock shows, it's the arrival of Bar Room Semantics that finds a band on the verge of something bigger. Walking in the same field as bands like MOFRO and the DRIVE-BY TRUCKERS, BACKYARD TIRE FIRE is able to cut to the core of the human experience, exposing the truths that unite us all and uncovering the beauty of the struggle.

Track listing:

  1. A Better Day 
  2. The Daze 
  3. The Ones Who Surround You 
  4. Spinnin' Around 
  5. 31st Fall 
  6. Believe 
  7. Tryin' To Get Paid 
  8. When The Truth Was Still True 
  9. Interlude (Lookin' Forward) 
  10. Ready To Go 
  11. The White On My Walls 
  12. If It Make You Feel Good 
  13. Up & Down 
  14. Thick Skin 
  15. To You