Chicago Farmer- Flyover Country

Chicago Farmer- Flyover Country

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Label: Chicago Farmer

Released 2020

Bloomington's Cody Diekhoff, known professionally as CHICAGO FARMER, digs deeper into America's widening economic divide on his new album "Flyover Country." The album cover continues the blue-collar theme. It’s a wheelbarrow filled with dirt and dust, with a propeller attached to the front. He said the idea sprang from a poem whose title he couldn’t remember at the moment, though he remembered the gist of the poem itself.

Track listing:

  1. Indiana Line
  2. Flyover Country
  3. Mother Nature's Daughter
  4. $13 Beers
  5. Collars
  6. All In One Place
  7. Deer In The Sky
  8. Ramblin' Man
  9. Dirtiest Uniforms
  10. The Village Revisited