Flips / Pelafina- Split

Flips / Pelafina- Split

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Label: Flips

Released 2017

Chicago rock quintet The FLIPS are known for writing personal songs about inner struggles such as faith, religion, mental illness, and identity through contemplative self-reflection and at times, outright anger and frustration. The FLIPS have created a thick, heavy, guitar based sound to compliment the distressed and despondent narrative of their songs. PELAFINA is a quartet from Chicago who channel Midwest emo influences into songs about some of the darker aspects of a life trying to be well lived. Each member of PELAFINA has played with multiple acclaimed Illinois artists including BOSLEY MONGO, MIGHTYSHIPS, MOVIES ABOUT ANIMALS, and ex-SPITAPFIELD frontman Mark Rose.

Track listing:

  1. The Flips - Chaos Is A Color
  2. The Flips - Beach Basker
  3. The Flips - I'm Okay (Acoustic)
  4. Pelafina - Float
  5. Pelafina - Visitation Dreams
  6. Pelafine - Skin (Acoustic)