Melty Sauce- Melty Vs. The Icemen

Melty Sauce- Melty Vs. The Icemen

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Label: Opco

Released 2023

Debut mixtape from local hip-hop acolyte Melty Sauce (Zachariah Barr). Meticulously arranged lyrics with surreal imagery and contemplative wonder fill this full length boom-bap adventure. Core themes on the strengths of compassion, friendship, resilience, & self-acceptance unfold over catchy, melodic beats reminiscent of the late Golden Age sound as it blossomed on the East Coast. Knit together with a treasure chest of samples pulled from interviews with philosophers, sketch comedy, classic video games, & more, Melty vs. The Icemen balances heavier, complex subjects like mental illness, climate change, identity, and uncertainty with a mischievous sense of humor and playfulness, forming an appeal to resistance, solidarity, and the cultivation of joy. There are some naughty words.

Track listing:

  1. Hello
  2. A Feast Of Fables
  3. Anger's Betrayals
  4. 1000 Books
  5. Little Rabbit
  6. Kid Icarus
  7. Horizontal
  8. Jamonita
  9. Fresh Depression
  10. Tree Star
  11. Low-Got-Glo
  12. Marshmallow Pizza
  13. Human Torch
  14. The Impossibles
  15. Lumens
  16. Banana Clip
  17. Old Boys
  18. The Bee Bumble
  19. Genie-ology
  20. Bonus Stage