Soft Coup- Danger Tango
Soft Coup- Danger Tango

Soft Coup- Danger Tango

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Label: Self-released

Released 4/7/2023

Soft Coup was formed at the beginning of the pandemic by Hannah Russell and Eric Manuel. The band's name was created after the despicable rioting and ransacking that took place at the U.S. capitol building by a mob of Trump supporters in January 2021. With the country's underbelly now so viscerally and violently exposed, the worst aspects of our society could no longer be ignored. Similarly, Hannah spent much of the pandemic navigating painful shadow work through song-writing, examining her own trauma in an attempt to integrate and heal generational wounds. Hannah wrote each song on Soft Coup's premier album, "Danger Tango" as a spell. Identifying as a powerful witch and ardent feminist, these songs not only represent a manifestation of what is to come, but are a celebration of feminine sexuality: its expression, its proclamation, and its reclamation. 

Track listing:

  1. Groceries
  2. Asphalt
  3. On The Line
  4. Bad Blood
  5. Bound To Get Blue
  6. Interstitial Gristle
  7. Want Love
  8. Dick Magick
  9. Patterns Of Pain
  10. Stay With Me
  11. Harassed
  12. Hard Bitch