Stone & Snow- Devil That I Know

Stone & Snow- Devil That I Know

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Label: Stone & Snow

Released 2016

Singer-songwriters Karen Bridges and Clint Thomson draw from their connection to the snow-capped landscape of the west to create profoundly lyrical folk songs. With an eclectic mix of upbeat anthems and somber folk ballads, STONE & SNOW's sound easily reflects the peaks and valleys to which their name makes reference.

Track listing:

  1. Mama Said
  2. Ready
  3. There's A Ghost In My Bed
  4. Hard To Fight
  5. Devil That I Know
  6. Thundercloud
  7. No Good
  8. What My Heart Wants
  9. Bluebird
  10. What I'm Doing Now
  11. Sink Or Swim
  12. Don't Know What's Worse
  13. Why Doesn't Anyone Stick Around?