The Human Trials- Phase I

The Human Trials- Phase I

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Label: Cavetone / Rats Pizza

Released 10/13/2023

Mutated from the chaos cloud that engulfed the early 2020's, John Gaetano and Tim Chambers locked themselves away within their Bridgeport, Chicago panic-room audio-sensory laboratory. Their broad atmospheric range of sonic vibrant highs and melancholy melodic lows reminds us to...stop and smell the roses ... before lighting them on fire.  

Track listing:

  1. A Sense Of Dread
  2. Cleansing Fire
  3. Shiny Toys
  4. Derelict
  5. Falling Up Stairs
  6. Birthday Of The Dead
  7. Cross Upon Your Chest
  8. World War Me
  9. A Sense Of Dreadnought