Tommy O'Donnell- Pioneer Maintenance

Tommy O'Donnell- Pioneer Maintenance

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Label: Spelunkers

Released 2004

Local guitar guy - ex SOMETHING BROTHERS, The SPELUNKERS, and currently playing in the IKE REILLY ASSASSINATION sits in his basement and goes nuts on 19 new gems.

Track listing:

  1. True Railroader
  2. Here's to the Chieftain
  3. Fans
  4. Your Operations Guide
  5. Maze That Brought You To One Knee
  6. Isn't Where You Go
  7. Waking Up Wearing A Batcape
  8. Funny Farm
  9. Updated Decoys
  10. The Organist Has Found Her Way
  11. She's A Spector
  12. Brite Darts #2
  13. Girl From The Isthmus
  14. Cassius Fade 'em
  15. Branded Cow
  16. One Day Transformation
  17. Brite Darts
  18. Gold Mine
  19. Hovering