WitchFeet- Art Garbage
WitchFeet- Art Garbage

WitchFeet- Art Garbage

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Label: WitchFeet

Released 2012

WITCH FEET is an indie rock band from Chicago, Illinois. The band is Indie Rock in the most classic sense of the meaning; loud, dissonant, and challenging to the listener, while still maintaining a focus on melody and plain good, catchy, well thought out songwriting. The band's first self released single has been compared to the likes of GUIDED BY VOICES, ARCHERS OF LOAF, OASIS, DINOSAUR JR., The CURE, SAMIAM, bands on the venerable Flying Nun label, PIXIES, and even Siamese Dream era SMASHING PUMPKINS. While the influence of these artists can be heard in the music, WITCH FEET has a sound all their own that seems to transcend labels, genres, and fads. It's best described as rock music for people who really like music

Track listing:

  1. Fourty Minute Hour 
  2. Little Piece Of Freakout
  3. Lungs
  4. Reader Of Palms
  5. Never Wonder Why
  6. Frozenaire
  7. Perfect Time To Kill
  8. Escalator
  9. Sad City