Andy Stott- Never The Right Time

Andy Stott- Never The Right Time

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Label: Modern Love

Released 6/4/2021

It's been a decade since Andy Stott released Passed Me By, a radical re-imagining of dance music as an expression of "physical and spiritual exhaustion" (Pitchfork). What followed was a process of rapid remodelling: We Stay Together (2011 / slow and f*cked, for the club), Luxury Problems (2012 / greyscale romance), Faith In Strangers (2014/ destroyed love songs), Too Many Voices (2016 / 4th world Triton shimmers) and It Should Be Us (2019 / the club, collapsed) - a run of releases that gradually untangled complex ideas into a singular, chaotic body of work - somewhere between sound-art, techno and pop. Echoing that mix of new and old, each of the songs on Never The Right Time is woven from the same thread despite following different trajectories; from the lovelorn shimmer of opener 'Away not gone', to the clattering linndrum pop of 'The beginning', through 'Answers' angular club haze, and the city-at-night end-credits 'Hard to Tell'. These are songs fuelled by nostalgia and soul searching, but all hold true to a vision of music making as a form of renewal and reinvention. A 10 year cycle, complete.

Track listing:

  1. Away Not Gone
  2. Never The Right Time
  3. Repetitive Strain  
  4. Don't Know How
  5. When It Hits  
  6. The Beginning
  7. Answers
  8. Dove Stone
  9. Hard To Tell