Anthony Hamilton- Love Is The New Black

Anthony Hamilton- Love Is The New Black

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Label: BMG / My Music Box

Released 9/24/2021

GRAMMY® Award-winning, multiplatinum singer, songwriter, producer, and actor, Anthony Hamilton returns with his anxiously awaited tenth full-length and first album in five years, Love Is The New Black., on September, 24th 2021. Billboard made the exclusive announcement. It notably will be the flagship release under his own label My Music Box in partnership with BMG. The 14-track R&B opus boasts a bevy of A-list friends and collaborators such as Academy® Award winner Jennifer Hudson on the powerhouse duet “Superstar,” rap powerhouse Rick Ross on “Real Love,” and crunk king himself Lil’ Jon on “I’m Ready.” Other standouts include the smooth “White Hennessy” where his vocals simply intoxicate, the confessional “Mercy,” and one of the most emotionally charged tunes in his storied catalog the George Floyd-inspired finale “Mama Don’t Cry.” 

Track listing:

  1. Love Is the New Black
  2. Threw It All Away
  3. Real Love (Feat. Rick Ross)
  4. I'm Ready (Feat. Lil Jon)
  5. White Hennessy
  6. Coming Home
  7. You Made a Fool of Me
  8. I Thought We Were in Love
  9. Superstar - By Anthony Hamilton & Jennifer Hudson
  10. Pillows
  11. I'm Sorry
  12. Mercy
  13. Safe
  14. Mama Don't Cry