Apocalypse Hoboken- Superincredibleheavydutydudes

Apocalypse Hoboken- Superincredibleheavydutydudes

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Label: Kung Fu

Reissued 3/29/2024, Originally released 1993

Apocalypse Hoboken is a punk rock band from Chicago, Illinois and if there is ever an orgy when the world goes up in flames, Apocalypse Hoboken would be the live band. Their sound is like they're singing a lullaby while shoving a hand down your pants. First Time on Vinyl - 30th Anniversary !! Limited to 300 . First time on vinyl,165 on orange (this) and 135 on black. Comes with a print collage of previous show flyers and hand numbered

Track listing:

  1. My God
  2. Joe Piscopo
  3. Doubt
  4. Doublecross
  5. Duct Tape
  6. Cup O' Life
  7. Brett
  8. Mealy Mouth
  9. Greatest Dad
  10. Jag Rag. 6-Pack & a Blunt
  11. Bad Time
  12. Face Down