April March- In Cinerama

April March- In Cinerama

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Label: Une Vie

Released 7/17/2021



Limited edition of 1400 Vinyl LP comes inserted with 1 of 2 limited edition signed photo cards.   "On Christmas eve, I received an email from Tony Allen's manager telling me that Tony would be delighted to record with me the first week of February in Paris. So naturally, I called Mehdi Zannad and asked him if he'd like to be in on that. "Of course!" said Mehdi.   The recording sessions began with Tony declaring, "this is white man's music", and ended with Tony smiling and declaring, "I don't know what this music is, it's so creative, I love it!". Perhaps this is because Mehdi and I like to work with not only some of the finest but the warmest, most soulful players and that's what comes through on this album which is infused with a shimmering ensemble of artists from all over the map musically and geographically, specifically, France, Tunisia, Nigeria, Ireland, Macedonia and The U.S.A.'s California Republic.  It's not every day you'll hear players from The Beach Boys, Fela, The Modern Lovers and Stereolab all in one go but that was our dream, here it is for you.