Arturo O'Farrill- ...Dreaming In Lions...

Arturo O'Farrill- ...Dreaming In Lions...

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Label: Blue Note

Released 9/24/2021

Grammy-winning composer/pianist Arturo O'Farrill makes his Blue Note debut with a vibrant album presenting 2 suites he conceived in collaboration w/ the Malpaso Dance Company: "Despedida" is a meditation on farewells, and "Dreaming in Lions" was inspired by Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea. With the Afro Latin Jazz Ensemble featuring his sons, Adam and Zack, Vince Cherico, Carlos Maldonado, Victor Pablo Garcia Gaetan, Jose Rodriguez Platiau, Rafi Malkiel, Alejandro Aviles, and Travis Reuter.

Track listing:

  1. Despedida: Del Mar
  2. Despedida: Intruso
  3. Despedida: Beauty Cocoon
  4. Despedida: Ensayo Silencio
  5. Despedida: La Llorona
  6. Dreaming in Lions: Dreaming in Lions
  7. Dreaming in Lions: Scalular
  8. Dreaming in Lions: How I Love
  9. Dreaming in Lions: The Deep
  10. Dreaming in Lions: War Bird Man
  11. Dreaming in Lions: Struggles And Strugglets
  12. Dreaming in Lions: I Wish We Was
  13. Dreaming in Lions: Blood In The Water
  14. Dreaming in Lions: Dreams So Gold