Beatnik Termites- Sweatin' To The Termites

Beatnik Termites- Sweatin' To The Termites

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Label: Mom's Basement

Released 8/20/2021

The legendary Beatnik Termites are back with their first new album in 18 years. They may have been gone for a while but they have not missed a note when it comes to their latest album “Sweatin’ To The Termites”. The band has mastered their sound that is a mix of punk rock, surf rock and doo wop. “Sweatin To The Termites” has 12 songs that are packed with sugary sweet harmonies and will surely get you up and moving. For fans of The Ramones and the Beach Boys.

Track listing:

  1. Pet Shop Girl
  2. Denise Marie
  3. She's Gonna Kill Me
  4. Out Of My League
  5. Closer To You
  6. My Darling Mary Ann
  7. Rubber City Roller Girl
  8. Summer Summer
  9. Tell Me Why
  10. Kennywood
  11. Kiss You
  12. Pretty Baby
  13. Teardrops & Lollipops