Ben Platt & Micaela Diamond- Parade (2023 Broadway Cast Recording)

Ben Platt & Micaela Diamond- Parade (2023 Broadway Cast Recording)

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Label: Interscope

Released 5/12/2023

Parade (2023 Broadway Cast Recording) features the vocal talents of Tony, Grammy, and Emmy Award winner Ben Platt and Micaela Diamond, and is conducted by three-time Tony Award-winning composer Jason Robert Brown, and will be released on March 23. Leo and Lucille Frank (Ben Platt and Micaela Diamond) are a newlywed Jewish couple struggling to make a life in the old red hills of Georgia. When Leo is accused of an unspeakable crime, it propels them into an unimaginable test of faith, humanity, justice, and devotion. Riveting and gloriously hopeful, Parade reminds us that to love, we must truly see one another.

Track listing:

Act I

  1. Prologue: The Old Red Hills Of Home
  2. The Dream Of Atlanta
  3. How Can I Call This Home
  4. The Picture Show
  5. Leo At Work/ What Am I Waiting For
  6. Interrogation: "I Am Trying To Remember..."
  7. Funeral: There Is A Fountain/ It Don't Make Sense
  8. Real Big News
  9. You Don't Know This Man
  10. The Trial: People Of Atlanta
  11. Twenty Miles From Marietta
  12. The Factory Girls/ Come Up To My Office
  13. Minnie's Testimony
  14. My Child Will Forgive Me
  15. That's What He Said
  16. It's Hard To Speak My Heart
  17. Closing Statement & Verdict

Act II

  1. Prelude
  2. A Rumblin' And A Rollin'
  3. Do It Alone
  4. Pretty Music
  5. The Glory
  6. This Is Not Over Yet
  7. Blues: Feel The Rain Fall
  8. Where Will You Stand When The Flood Comes
  9. All The Wasted Time
  10. Sh'ma
  11. Finale