Bill Evans- From Left To Right

Bill Evans- From Left To Right

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Label: Anagram / Elemental Music

Reissued 9/15/2023, Originally released 1971

On From Left to Right, the great Bill Evans plays both Fender Rhodes and acoustic piano simultaneously in real time, trading off themes and improvisations with impeccable taste and unique talent. First released on the MGM label in 1971, the album showcases Evans backed by his trio of that period, featuring Eddie Gomez on bass, Marty Moren on drums, and guitarist Sam Brown.

Track listing:

  1. What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life?
  2. I'm All Smiles
  3. Why Did I Choose You?
  4. Soirée
  5. The Dolphin - Before
  6. The Dolphin - After
  7. Lullaby For Helene
  8. Like Someone In Love
  9. Children's Play Song