Bob Moses- The Silence In Between

Bob Moses- The Silence In Between

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Label: Astralwerks / Domino

Released 4/29/2022

The Silence In Between is the third full-length album from GRAMMY-winning indie dance duo Bob Moses - and their first since signing with Astralwerks. It finds musician/producers Tom Howie and Jimmy Vallance tapping into their deep-rooted love for '90s alt-rock and left-of-center dance music and features the singles "Never Ending" and "Love Brand New".

Track listing:

  1. Seen It Coming
  2. Love Brand New
  3. Never Ending
  4. Time and Time Again
  5. Back to You
  6. Hanging on
  7. The Rush
  8. Broken Belief
  9. Ordinary Friend
  10. Believe