Brujería- Esto Es Brujería

Brujería- Esto Es Brujería

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Label: Nuclear Blast

Released 9/15/2023

Brujeria emerged, shrouded in mystery and infamy, in 1989. Forcefully introducing phrases like Matando Güeros, La Migra, and Marijuana y Brujerizmo, the brutal death-grind band from Mexico came to represent the notoriously violent world of illegal drug trafficking, vicious retaliation, and a sinister syncretism between Afro-Caribbean sorcery like Palo Mayombe and Santeria with outright demonic possession. Brujeria makes the metal version of the corrido, a traditional Mexican song style built on storytelling. The narratives cover everything from history to daily life for outlaws. In Brujeria's case, the narrator's tales range from outright murder of the oppressor to drug deals gone wrong. On Esto Es, their blistering new platter, they spin stories about everything from being Party Boss to a first night in jail.

Track listing:

  1. Esto Es Brujeria
  2. El Patrón Del Reventón
  3. Estado Profundo
  4. Bruja Encabronada
  5. G-A-K
  6. Tu Vida Loca
  7. Mexorcista
  8. Bestia de la Muerte
  9. Políticamente Correctos
  10. Mochado
  11. Perdido en El Espacio
  12. Odio Que Amo
  13. Testamento 3.0
  14. Covid-666
  15. Lord Nazi Ruso
  16. Cocaína