Bryhm- Deep Sea Vents

Bryhm- Deep Sea Vents

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Label: Zappo

Released 3/1/2024

Deep Sea Vents is a collaboration between Bruce Hornsby and yMusic, who are artistically known as BryhM. The album was produced by Hornsby and Rob Moose, yMusic violinist. Guest artists are Branford Marsalis, soprano sax on "Platypus Wow" and "Phase Change," Mark Dover, clarinet on "The Wake of St. Brendan" and "Deep Blue," and Chad Wright, drums on "Deep Blue". BryhM explores seafaring themes, sounds and metaphors encapsulated in progressive chamber music and Hornsby's vocals.

Track listing:

  1. Wild Whaling Life 
  2. (My) Theory Of Everything 
  3. Platypus Wow 
  4. Phase Change 
  5. Foreign Sounds 
  6. The Wake Of St Brendan 
  7. Deep Blue 
  8. The Baited Line 
  9. Barber Booty 
  10. Deep Sea Vents