Cavetown- Sleepyhead

Cavetown- Sleepyhead

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Label: Sire

Released 3/27/20

Sleepyhead is Cavetown's major-label debut. Recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Skinner himself in the bedroom of his new London apartment (some things never change), the 11-song collection is set to prove to the world why he's become not just a cornerstone of the bedroom pop community, but a torchbearer for the next generation of his genre. By focusing less on the more imperceptible aspects of his productions, Skinner's distilled his energy on Sleepyhead into what really moves fans: the songs themselves, occasionally lighthearted, largely poignant - but always authentically him. The album is awash in ambient indie-rock nuance, creaking acoustic guitars and Skinner's poetic lyricism, all steadied by his tranquil melodies and reassuring timbre.

Track Listing:

  1. Sweet Tooth
  2. For You
  3. Telescope
  4. Feb 14
  5. Pyjama Pants
  6. Trying
  7. Things That Make It Warm
  8. Snail
  9. Wishing Well
  10. I Miss My Mum
  11. Empty Bed