Cleopatrick- Bummer

Cleopatrick- Bummer

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Label: Nowhere Special/ Thirty Tigers

Released 6/4/2021

At their core, cleopatrick is two normal 22-year-old kids from Cobourg, Ontario, who met on the first day of Kindergarten and have been friends ever since, who play as a two-piece because they couldn't find a bass player in Coburg (population 19000 people). Up until this point, everything this band has achieved both domestically and internationally has been done without a record label or a management team.

Track listing:

  1. Victoria Park
  2. The Drake
  3. Family Van
  4. Good Grief
  5. No Sweat
  6. Why July
  7. Ya
  8. Peppers Ghost
  9. 2008
  10. Great Lakes