Clutch- Robot Hive / Exodus (Clutch Collector's Series)

Clutch- Robot Hive / Exodus (Clutch Collector's Series)

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Label: Weathermaker

Reissued 6/3/2022, Originally released 2005

A series of Clutch catalog releases reimagined and individually curated by one of the band members and reissued as part of the Clutch Collector's Series. The artwork is in the vein of the original yet strikingly different. The vinyl releases are remastered and manufactured on 180-gram colored vinyl which in turn is stored in extra heavy sleeves. The gatefold jackets are printed on metalized polyester paper and each album includes a numbered insert autographed by all band members.

Track listing:

  1. The Incomparable Mr. Flannery
  2. Burning Beard
  3. Gullah
  4. Mice And Gods
  5. Pulaski Skyway
  6. Never Be Moved
  7. 10001110101
  8. Small Upsetters
  9. Circus Maximus
  10. Tripping The Alarm
  11. 10,000 Witnesses
  12. Land Of Pleasant Living
  13. Gravel Road
  14. Who's Been Talking?
  15. What Would A Wookie Do? 
  16. Bottoms Up, Socrates