Cnts- Thoughts & Prayers
Cnts- Thoughts & Prayers
Cnts- Thoughts & Prayers

Cnts- Thoughts & Prayers

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Label: Ipecac

Released 3/29/2024 

The band features guitarist and producer Mike Crain (Dead Cross, Retox, Festival Of Dead Deer), drummer Kevin Avery (Retox, Planet B) and vocalist Matt Cronk (Qui). Following a devastating car accident that tragically resulted in the loss of Cronk's voice, the band thought they might have to call it a day. Then against the predictions of his doctors, Cronk’s injured vocal cord began to heal and within two months his voice returned, as did CNTS. Reinvigorated by Cronk’s recovery, CNTS spent the rest of the year hard at work on their new record, Thoughts & Prayers, the title inspired by the banality of their collective reaction to crises. Equal parts catharsis and blood-letting, CNTS as a live entity is an unapologetic display of rage and sex, of belligerence and contempt, a warm gob of spit in the eye, all done with a sarcastic smile. 

Track listing:

  1. I Won't Work for You
  2. Thoughts & Prayers
  3. Smart Mouth
  4. Dear Sir
  5. For a Good Time (Don't Call Her)
  6. Alone
  7. Eating You Alive
  8. Real Truth
  9. Junkie
  10. Drown