Com Truise- In Decay, Too
Com Truise- In Decay, Too

Com Truise- In Decay, Too

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Label: Ghostly International

Released 12/4/20

In Decay is a compilation album by American electronic musician Seth Haley's project Com Truise, originally released in 2012. The record is a collection of tracks that, before it's release, were only available as demos found on Haley's internet mixtape series Komputer Kasts and his SoundCloud account. These early tracks, some of which were produced before the release of Cyanide Sisters (2010), showcase Haley exploring an electropop funk music sound that would later come to define the Com Truise project.

Track Listing:

  1. Zeta
  2. Compress-Fuse
  3. Chemical Legs
  4. Reciprocity
  5. She Melts
  6. Trying Times for the Indirect
  7. I Dream (For You)
  8. Surf
  9. Galactic Melt
  10. Post Hawaii
  11. Peach (6809)
  12. False Ascendancy
  13. Constant Fracture
  14. Trajectory