Current 93 / HÖH- Island
Current 93 / HÖH- Island

Current 93 / HÖH- Island

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Label: House Of Mythology

Reissued 3/15/2024, Originally released 1991

One of the most desired and long-requested albums throughout HomAleph's Current 93 reissue series and now available again on LP for the first time since 1991 in its original form, masterfully remastered by The Bricoleur at Bladud Flies! Island was originally recorded at Studio Syrland and Hot Ice, Iceland between 1986-1991. Bjork is guesting on one track. This LP is pressed on 180 gram forest green vinyl.

Track listing:

  1. Falling
  2. The Dream of a Shadow of Smoke
  3. Lament for My Suzanne
  4. Fields of Rape (Sightless Return)
  5. Passing Horses
  6. Anyway, People Die
  7. To Blackened Earth
  8. Oh Merry-Go-Round