Dazzling Killmen- Face Of Collapse (Deluxe Edition)

Dazzling Killmen- Face Of Collapse (Deluxe Edition)

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Label: Skingraft

Reissued 7/15/2022, Originally released 1994

"Most of the great progressive underground bands of the '90s would not exist if it weren't for them." - Ben Weinman, lead guitarist & primary songwriter of The Dillinger Escape Plan. Was DAZZLING KILLMEN a hardcore band? A metal band? The world’s gnarliest progressive-rock quartet? "Yes" is the easy answer, but only because it's easy to rewind through two decades of genre fragmentation to hear Dazzling Killmen's influence on any number of "math-metal," "prog-core" and similarly classified bands. At the time, however, this St. Louis quartet occupied a genre of one. When SKiN GRAFT released the Killmen's 1994 sophomore album, "Face of Collapse", that genre had its touchstone." - Excerpt from Aaron Burgess' liner notes "One of the best post-metal records ever made". - Fact Magazine "The band formed in the St. Louis, MO area, and forged its singular sound with almost no music scene support for such a fringy concept - technically impeccable playing enabling whiplash stop-starts that recalled John Zorn’s Naked City more readily than any rock group one could name, cathartic and discordant guitar stabs, a jaw-dropping rhythm section, arrangements of baroque complexity, and a harrowing, overbearing, inescapable sense of pure dread".

Track listing:

  1. Staring Contest
  2. Bone Fragments
  3. My Lacerations
  4. Blown (Face Down)
  5. Windshear
  6. Painless One
  7. In The Face Of Collapse
  8. Agitator