Dirty Three- Horse Stories (25th Anniversary)

Dirty Three- Horse Stories (25th Anniversary)

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Label: Touch & Go

Reissued 1/14/2022, Originally released 1996

LIMITED 25th ANNIVERSARY EDITION OF 1000 BRIGHT YELLOW 2XLP Originally released in September of 1996, Horse Stories is a collection of songs about traveling, gambling, winning, losing, pain, drugs, hope and love. It reads like a diary you wished you could write. Ladies and Gentleman, sit back, get yourself a drink, recall the phantom images of friends and lovers long gone and lose yourself in the pellucid depths. This is the soundtrack to the movie that is life.

Track listing:

  1. 1000 Miles
  2. Sue's Last Ride
  3. Hope
  4. I Remember a Time When Once You Used to Love Me
  5. At the Bar
  6. Red
  7. Warren's Lament
  8. Horse
  9. I Knew It Would Come to This