Eater- The Album

Eater- The Album

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Label: Radiation

Reissued 4/3/20

Radiation Deluxe Series present a reissue of EATER's The Album, originally released in 1977. Formed in early stages of the British punk explosion by four high school mates in Finchley, north London, EATER quickly established themselves as one of the youngest and rawest bands on the scene. Lead singer Ashruf Radwan had an Egyptian heritage, hidden by his alias, Andy Blade, and guitarist Brian Haddock became Brian Chevette once in the fold; Ashruf's brother Lutfi was the group's first drummer, joining under the name SOCIAL DEMISE, but was soon replaced by Roger Bullen, playing under the moniker Dee Generate, while future VIBRATOR Ian Woodcock was the resident bassist from their second gig. Inspired by a line in the T REX song, "Suneye", Eater was influenced by the classier side of glam rock but was very much a rapid-fire power-punk concern with their own output.

Track Listing:

  1. You
  2. Public Toys
  3. Room For One
  4. Lock It Up
  5. Sweet Jane
  6. Fifteen
  7. I Don't Need It
  8. Anne
  9. Get Raped
  10. Outside View
  11. Space Dreaming
  12. Queen Bitch
  13. My Business
  14. Waiting For The Man
  15. No More
  16. No Brains
  17. Luv & Piece
  18. Thinkin' of the USA
  19. Michael's Monitary System