Fog Lamp- Conversation?
Fog Lamp- Conversation?

Fog Lamp- Conversation?

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Label: Willow House

Released 2/9/2024

Enjoy the pleasantly discordant, industrial, post-punk energy of Conversation? brought to you by FOG LAMP on San Francisco based Willow House Records. Packed with timeless dark synth anthems one after another, the seasoned goth as well as newly-initiated heads will be pleased to hear the call of familiar motifs from olden days, a nostalgia that’s been successfully resurrected”—@_spectralnoise, White Crate. FFO: Killing Joke, Metal Urbain, Murder City Devils, Wire.

Track listing:

  1. Dense Woolen Sweater
  2. Staircase
  3. Fake Song
  4. Hear Itself
  5. Legacy Flight
  6. Flowers & Fire (Blitz)
  7. Puritan Party