Foxes!- The Kick

Foxes!- The Kick

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Label: PIAS America

Released 4/22/2022

The Kick is the highly-anticipated third album from Grammy-winning artist Foxes. It was written and recorded remotely via zoom during the height of the pandemic, offering a form of escapism for Foxes. Inspired by the desire for freedom that the world collectively shared over the last 18 months of lockdowns, the near-animalistic desperation to socialize, and a longing to dance again, Louisa naturally pivoted the sonics to feed that escapism and create a record that simultaneously feels close to her euphoric, dancefloor-filling pop roots that brought us hits like "Let Go For Tonight", "Youth" and "Body Talk", while still feeling completely fresh. Unafraid of the art of the well-loved melancholic-banger, lyrically The Kick touches on themes of loss and heartbreak, narrating painful places and soundtracking new beginnings to create an album for the post-pandemic world and a summer of never leaving the party early.

Track listing:

  1. Sister Ray
  2. The Kick
  3. Growing on Me
  4. Potential
  5. Dance Magic
  6. Body Suit
  7. Absolute
  8. Two Kinds of Silence
  9. Forgive Yourself
  10. Gentleman
  11. Sky Love
  12. Too Much Colour
  13. Friends in the Corner
  14. Kathleen
  15. Love Not Loving You
  16. Hollywood
  17. Dance
  18. Woman
  19. Courage
  20. Kathleen (Live Acoustic)