Hamell on Trial- Choochtown (20th Anniversary Edition)

Hamell on Trial- Choochtown (20th Anniversary Edition)

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Label: New West

Reissued 7/19/19

HAMELL ON TRIAL is set to reissue Choochtown (20th Anniversary Edition) Digitally and on CD with 11 bonus tracks from the original recording sessions with Billy Nicgorski. Choochtown will also see its first proper vinyl release worldwide. The vinyl version is a remastered version of the original album released in 1999.  "...amazing and entertaining and poignant..." -- The Stereo Times Online Magazine, October 2000 "...high-spirited...manic energy..artful" -- CMJ, April 2000 *****(5 stars--highest rating) "Absolutely brilliant!" -- UNCUT Magazine, April 2001

Track Listing:

  1. Go Yourself
  2. When Bobby Comes Down
  3. Hamell's Ramble
  4. I'm Gonna Watch You Sleep
  5. Uncle Morris
  6. Disconnected
  7. Nancy's Got a New Boyfriend
  8. Choochtown
  9. Shout Outs
  10. The Lottery
  11. The Long Drive
  12. Judy
  13. Joe Brush
  14. The Mall
  15. Bill Hicks (Ascension)
  16. Bill Hicks