High On Fire- Snakes For The Divine

High On Fire- Snakes For The Divine

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Label: MNRK

Reissued 1/14/2022, Originally released 2010

High on Fire creates molten heavy metal that merges primal fury and aggression, blackened bombast and hall of fame heaviness. They create a supersonic exercise in conquest by volume, delivering calculated catharsis as a volcano of revolving riffs and hailstorm of thundering drums combine to beam a blazing spotlight towards the future of modern metal music. After nearly two decades of trailblazing new passageways to heaviness, High on Fire's strong, stunning archetype continues to both sharpen and evolve and the trio's vision has never been clearer. The riff, as always, is King.

Track listing:

  1. Snakes for the Divine
  2. Frost Hammer
  3. Bastard Samurai
  4. Ghost Neck
  5. The Path
  6. Fire Flood & Plague
  7. How Dark We Pray
  8. Holy Flames of the Firespitter
  9. Mystery of Helm (Bonus Track)
  10. Eyes and Teeth (Live) (Bonus Track)
  11. Cometh Down Hessian (Live) (Bonus Track)