Juliana Hatfield- Become What You Are (30th Anniversary)

Juliana Hatfield- Become What You Are (30th Anniversary)

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Label: American Laundromat

Reissued 1/20/2023, Originally released 1993

Exclusive 30th Anniversary Reissue. The debut album by The Juliana Hatfield Three featuring "My Sister" & "Spin The Bottle." Reissue artwork prepared by Aaron Tanner at Melodic Virtue from the original art. Sean Glonek at SRG studios handled remastering, Levi Seitz cut metal, and the folks at Furnace pressed the vinyl. It looks and sounds amazing! The reissue looks and sounds amazing! We hope you enjoy it.

Track listing:

  1. Supermodel
  2. My Sister
  3. This Is the Sound
  4. For the Birds
  5. Mabel
  6. A Dame with a Rod
  7. Addicted
  8. Feelin' Massachusetts
  9. Spin the Bottle
  10. President Garfield
  11. Little Pieces
  12. I Got No Idols