Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real- Naked Garden

Lukas Nelson & Promise of the Real- Naked Garden

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Label: Fantasy Records

Released 3/27/20

Some strings are out of tune.  Some lyrics are inconsistent.  There’s microphone bleed, tape machine buzz, conversations and laughter between takes… that’s how we like it.  Our hope is that Naked Garden offers a glimpse behind the curtain, at POTR in our most raw, honest, and naked state.  For our band’s name is truly our mantra, and if nothing else, this project is an attempt to make good on our promise.  - POTR

Track Listing:

  1. Entirely Different Stars
  2. Civilized Hell (Alternate Version) [Explicit]
  3. Back When I Cared
  4. Movie in My Mind
  5. Focus on the Music
  6. My Own Wave
  7. Fade to Black
  8. Out in L.A. (Extended Version)
  9. Couldn't Break Your Heart
  10. Speak the Truth (Alternate Mix)
  11. Civilized Hell (Acoustic Version)
  12. Bad Case (Alternate Version)
  13. Stars Made of You (Alternate Mix)
  14. Where Does Love Go (Alternate Mix)
  15. The Way You Say Goodbye