Badbadnotgood- Mid Spiral PREORDER OUT 10/25
Badbadnotgood- Mid Spiral PREORDER OUT 10/25
Badbadnotgood- Mid Spiral PREORDER OUT 10/25

Badbadnotgood- Mid Spiral PREORDER OUT 10/25

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Label: XL Recordings

At the start of 2024 BADBADNOTGOOD were brimming with new creative energy. Having just come off a run of one-off international tour dates and a series of sessions for projects with artists Daniel Cesar, Charlotte Day Wilson, reggie, Baby Rose, and Turnstile, the Canadian-trio of Al Sow, Chester Hansen and Leland Whitty were eager to get back into the studio to simply create. The trio called on some of their closest friends and collaborators, BADBADNOTGOOD touring member Felix Fox-Pappas (keys) and a few key-players in the Toronto jazz scene including Kaelin Murphy (trumpet), Juan Carlos Medrano (percussion) and LA musician Tyler Lott (guitar), for an intensive and productive one-week of recording at Valentine Studios in Los Angeles in February 2024. The result of those sessions is the Mid Spiral series, originally released as 3 parts – Chaos, Order and Growth – digitally earlier this year and now collected altogether on a double LP and CD. The Mid Spiral suites see BADBADNOTGOOD return to their roots of instrumental jazz while once again pushing the boundaries of how they cross pollinate genres, incorporating their love of hip-hop, neo-soul, psychedelic, funk and more. For the sessions, the trio incorporated additional musicians to add more voices of instrumentation, resulting in a deeply collaborative and expansive new sound. As the trio sifted through the weeks’ worth of material, it was clear that three distinct moods emerged, a deeper reflection of where the musicians are within their own personal lives, along with the state of the wider world: Chaos, Order and Growth.

Track listing:

  1. Eyes On Me
  2. Take Me With You
  3. Weird & Wonderful 
  4. Mid Spiral
  5. Last Laugh
  6. Your Soul & Mine
  7. Playgroup
  8. Juan's World
  9. Taco Taco
  10. Sétima Regra
  11. Sunday Afternoon's Dream
  12. Rewind Your Mind
  13. First Love
  14. Audacia
  15. Celestial Hands
  16. Ways Of Seeing
  17. White Light