Phosphorescent- Revelator PREORDER OUT 4/5

Phosphorescent- Revelator PREORDER OUT 4/5

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Label: Verve

Revelator is an album that speaks to "the grand sadness of life" –– perennial Phosphorescent subject matter, by Matthew Houck's estimation. In some ways, Revelator extends seamlessly from the story begun by Muchacho and continued by C'est La Vie. It finds Houck further mastering his unique blend of ragged, experiment-y classicism intertwined with ethereal, lachrymose atmospherics. Across Revelator, Houck sings from a woozy, worn headspace but leads us to a place where dreams and reality mingle.

Track listing:

  1. Revelator
  2. The World Is Ending
  3. Fences
  4. Impossible House
  5. Wide As Heaven
  6. A Moon Behind The Clouds
  7. All The Same
  8. A Poem On The Men's Room Wall
  9. To Get It Right