VR Sex- Hard Copy PREORDER OUT 3/22
VR Sex- Hard Copy PREORDER OUT 3/22
VR Sex- Hard Copy PREORDER OUT 3/22

VR Sex- Hard Copy PREORDER OUT 3/22

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Label: Dais

Following 2022's Rough Dimension LP, Noel Skum - aka Andrew Clinco of Drab Majesty - made the radical leap of expanding his psychedelic post-punk vehicle VR SEX into a fully collaborative five-piece band. To christen the new group's camaraderie, they booked a block of studio time in Glassell Park, swapped skeletal iPhone demos, and "did that classic thing of a band making the exact record they want without any interference." Working 12-hour days, they banged out the basics in a week, then tracked the rest over a month, fine-tuning it with flourishes, FX, and amplifier experiments. Hard Copy is the result - 10 tracks of sneering psychedelic punk streaked with Chrome-damaged freak-outs and snotty power pop harmonies chronicling sex doll love affairs and glue-sniffing fatales. Mixed by guitarist Mike Kriebel - an accomplished engineer with dozens of credits across the punk, goth, and garage underground - the album is dense, rich, and spatial, spurred by Clinco's muse of "reckless abandon." Shadows of Chrome, Stickmen With Rayguns, Japanese psych, and loud-quiet-loud grunge anthems flicker here and there, but ultimately VR SEX's mode is more sardonic and saturated, oscillating between ripped leather riffing and space echo meltdowns. Banning plug-ins was a mission statement, with most instruments tracked direct into the board, then guitars added via a daisy chain of amplifiers, panned and mixed and matched for maximum intoxication

Track listing:

  1. Dictionary Talk
  2. Hush Money Millionaire
  3. Inanimate Love
  4. Squid Row
  5. Real Doll Time
  6. Runway Runaway
  7. Space Invasion
  8. Jenny Killer Glue
  9. In Great Detail
  10. Medication Or Meditation